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When it comes to shallow journalism, The Age is always an exemplary model, because it never fails when you need it to demonstrate this thesis. Today’s headline President wins outright in Portugal  just stated, that the incumbent A.C.S. “grabbed more than the 50 per cent of the vote needed to win outright”. The Socialist M.A came second with 19.75 per cent.
Was that it? Another triumph of republican democracy? You could think so if you just read The Age.
The Portuguese media tell a complete different story. In reality the Portuguese Monarchists were jubilant, because they had called for a boycott of the presidential elections, which proved to be successful. Only 46.62 per cent of those entitled to vote bothered to go to the polls: 5,139,583 out of 9,631,222 registered voters stayed away from the polling booths. Among the 4,490,147 voters, 4.26 per cent or 191,170 cast a blank vote another 86,545 or 1.93 per cent cast an invalid vote. In the end, a mere 40.4 per cent wanted to have a say in who should be Portugal's president - 59.6 per cent could not care about the republic's highest representative.
So, let’s examine The Age’s news item: Mr C.S. won outright? He received 2,230,240 votes, which represent only 23.16 per cent of the electorate. Compared with the last presidential election in 2006 Mr C. S. lost 526,372 vote. His main rival, the Socialist M.A. did not fare much better: He lost 294,591 votes (down from 1,126,612 to 832,021) compared to 2006.
Portuguese Monarchists were delighted about the result of this presidential election: “Portuguese say NO to the republic" (PORTUGUESES DIZEM NÃO À REPÚBLICA) was one of the headlines.
Before the elections, the Portuguese had been called to “de-republic” Portugal (NESTE DOMINGO VAMOS DESREPUBLICANIZAR PORTUGAL)  and Monarchists were shown how to vote invalid by writing in “I want a King!
So, what The Age loved to call an outright win may be the beginning of the long end of the Portuguese republic. Long live the King! Viva o Rei! Viva Portugal Real!

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