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Revista "LUX" de 02 de Julho de 2012
The Duke of Bragança visits the school (report by Mr Neale Davies, Premio Infante activities coordinator)
The community at OIS was honoured by the presence of the Duke of Bragança, who visited the school on Thursday 21st June to present the Bronze and Silver Premio Infante D. Henrique Awards, known internationally as The Duke of Edinburgh Awards. The students had completed all their requirements for the Award. The Award is recognised for building character and the four disciplines of Sport, Talent, Service and Expedition certainly achieve this aim because they require commitment and effort in sports, focus and discipline in talents, thoughtfulness and tolerance in service and teamwork for the expedition.
A number of our students exemplified these attributes. Tiago De Zoeten trained five times a week, working out morning and night, through rain and cold to perfect his skills as a rower. He represented his country Portugal at many major events. Maria Lopes is another student who has represented her country, Angola, at swimming. She was in the pool as early as 6.00am and swimming her laps before school had begun. Not many people get the opportunity to represent their country. These students have, and they should be proud of themselves.
Talents show the creative side of the person and our students were involved in theatre, dance, playing an instrument, cooking and much more. I’ve never been that impressed with child singers but Sofia Vilardebó proved me wrong with her beautiful singing at the Christmas concert. Her voice hasn’t come without hard work and she has been dedicated and committed in her singing lessons.
Service is an integral part of the development of the person. Thoughtfulness and kindness are characteristics which we should all have but how many of us adults actually get involved in service activities in our adult life. An example of quality service is the visits by our students to the elderly home in Barcarena. Maria Da Paz has been dedicated and committed in this area of service. For some of the elderly patients at the Home, her visit is probably not only the highlight of their day but their entire week. Well done Maria!
Finally, the expedition, in rain, snow or heat, with steep hills to climb and hard grounds to sleep on, can be a real test of character. The individual is not important and no one person can be bigger than the group. It teaches the participants that team work and camaraderie count and that the group works at the pace of the weakest member. They are very important lessons in today’s world.
All of our students should be proud of themselves. The school community is. Well done to all and keep a look out for the article and photographs which will come out soon in the Diario de Notícias.
Oeiras International School, 21 de Junho de 2012

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